Autogenous Vaccines and Diagnosis

IPEVE, SANPHAR's brand of autogenous vaccines and diagnosis, aims to provide quality products and services in line with the customer needs and in compliance with government requirements for monitoring and preventing diseases from different animal species.
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SANPHAR offers state-of-the-art product solutions and consulting services that promote optimal sanitary conditions in animal housing, improved animal health and wellbeing as well as optimized feed utilization.
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A SANPHAR oferece soluções de tratamento para que veterinários e produtores possam superar os desafios relacionados à produção animal.
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Nutritionals & Antiparasitics

SANPHAR® offers a wide range of additives and nutritional supplements and antiparasitics produced with the highest food safety standards and under strict quality control processes.
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Who We Are

SANPHAR® is the veterinary pharmaceutical company of SAN Group. We are reference in the research and development of disinfectants, pharmaceuticals and additives for poultry and pigs. Understanding the key challenges of the customer and delivering secure solutions to its needs in the field is part of our DNA.

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Working for SANPHAR® means being part of a SANtastic team and growing the business together!

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SANPHAR becomes part of SAN Group

Herzogenburg/Austria, September 1, 2020 – After selling Erber Group (Biomin, Romer Labs) to the Dutch group Royal DSM, Erich Erber founds a new company group, SAN Group. It comprises 200 employees on…

Prevention and biosecurity are ways for sustainable animal protein production with rational use of antibiotics

Farm biosecurity and prevention are among the most important measures to be intensified by poultry farmers, pig farmers and other protein producers to advance the correct use of antibiotics in animal…

SANPHAR SAÚDE ANIMAL acquires IPEVE, Brazilian animal health industry, pioneer in autogenous vaccines

Belo Horizonte (MG), 15.10.2019 - SANPHAR SAÚDE ANIMAL, ERBER Group`s animal health unit, announces today the purchase of IPEVE, a Brazil-based autogenous vaccines and diagnostic services firm. The…