Who We Are

Together we Preserve and Improve the Health of Animals!

At SANPHAR, we believe in focusing on solving problems and working to give the best support for the health of livestock. Our animal health experts understand the individual challenges of achieving a productive herd health status. An in-depth knowledge of animal husbandry and top diagnostic services enable them to recommend biosecurity, preventative and therapeutic solutions that work. Expertise, experience and working together towards success are the basis by which we build sustainable business partnerships.

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SANPHAR is committed to the principles of quality, sustainability, safety and security. These principles guide the development of innovative solutions for veterinary products that meet the needs of customers, for better animal husbandry results and animal welfare. Committed to its rigorous company standards, regulations, and requirements, SANPHAR guarantees the excellence and sustainability of its products and services.

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Social Commitment

Social responsibility is very important to us and since 2010 the ERBER GROUP has been supporting social aid projects around the globe.

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We know that behind each and every success is a team of highly motivated and talented individuals. With global activities spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific, we are at the forefront of our field.

By offering an open corporate culture with room for professional growth and career development, we trust that growing a business is first and foremost about nurturing high caliber talents.

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Sustainability is booming and for ERBER Group it is deeply seated in the cultural values and ideals throughout all the years. Among the different definitions of sustainability – social, economical and environmental – the protection of the environment is something ERBER Group is highly committed to.

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Founded in 1992, SANPHAR Animal Health was acquired by the ERBER GROUP in July 2007. The ERBER GROUP is a globally known multinational company headquartered in Austria, with several patents and extensive investments in biotechnology and animal nutrition.

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