SANPHAR® is committed to the principles of quality, sustainability, safety and security. These principles guide the development of innovative solutions for nutritional and veterinary products that meet the needs of customers, for better animal husbandry results and animal welfare.

Committed to its rigorous company standards, regulations, and requirements, SANPHAR guarantees the excellence and sustainability of its products and services.

Procedures of the highest standard are implemented in the production process to ensure the utmost degree of control and quality for our products - from raw material input right through to the final product.

One of the cornerstones of the success of SANPHAR is the ongoing improvement of our in-house company standards. The commitment to international standards of quality and environmental preservation is evidenced through the ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP and ISO 14001 certifications.

StandardLogoTitle/DescriptionCertificate ENCertificate BR
ISO 9001ISO 9001Quality management systemInitiates file downloadPDFInitiates file downloadPDF
ISO 14001ISO 14001Environmental management systemInitiates file downloadPDFInitiates file downloadPDF
GMPGMPGood manufacturing practiceInitiates file downloadPDFInitiates file downloadPDF
HACCPHACCPHazard analysis and critical control pointInitiates file downloadPDFInitiates file downloadPDF

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