Sanphar completes PEDV immunity tests

Sanphar completes PEDV immunity tests

Sanphar Asia has successfully completed a second round of animal trials as it aims to provide immunity against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in weaning pigs.

The testing utilized artificial cell membrane (ACM) technology provided by Singapore-based firm ACM Biolabs. The results showed pregnant sows given oral formulations of ACM technology successfully transmitted immunity via their milk to their newborn piglets.

ACM Biolabs has licensed this technology from Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research. The ACM method uses membrane proteins embedded within the wall of polymer vesicles. 

Dr Kai Grathwohl, global head of R&D and business development at Sanphar Asia, said: "This result is very significant because the main problem for farmers is that PEDV is often fatal for piglets within the first one or two weeks of life.

"Therefore, there is not enough time to vaccinate the new-born piglets and elicit an endogenous immune response before the disease hits. Now with an oral vaccine which, given to pregnant sows, protects the new-born piglets through lactogenic immunity, we really do have the potential to make a truly effective product against PEDV, something which is desperately needed in the market."

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