Who is going to help farmers in emerging countries to bridge the productivity gap?

In countries where veterinary and agricultural consulting services, public or private, are not readily available, this is a bite too big to chew for many of these farms. The result is farmers or farm managers are overwhelmed by all the different aspects that running a successful intensive animal production operation requires.

At Sanphar we have coined the term '360˚ animal health company'. This describes a company which supports farmers in all aspects that impact the health status and ultimate success of a farm. This ranges from picking fitting genetics to advising on depopulation/repopulation strategies to manage some diseases, and everything in between – including, of course, recommending animal health products and offering diagnostic work-ups and monitoring services.

To Sanphar, with its Brazilian background, and therefore the benefit of having experienced first-hand many of the developments other emerging countries still need to go through, this approach seems the only meaningful one. Read more...