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Biosecurity is the protection of agricultural animals from any type of infectious agent -- viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic. People and animals can spread diseases as they move within a facility and from one facility to another. Animals or equipment introduced into a facility can bring pathogens with them; wild animals like rodents, insects as well as pets almost certainly will.

Among the many biosecurity procedures to prevent these types of disease transmission are such measures as the use of protective clothing, quarantine periods for new animals and visitors, vector control and finally cleaning and disinfection.

Good biosecurity practices help to minimize the risk of diseases occurring or spreading, safeguard the health and welfare of animals and protect the viability of livestock production. Good biosecurity must be routinely adopted as part of farm management to help reduce the risk of epidemics and the burden of endemic diseases. Biosecurity plans must be part of any herd or flock health plan.

SANPHAR offers state-of-the-art product solutions, such as a wide range of disinfectants and vector control products, and consulting services that promote optimal sanitary conditions in animal housing, improved animal health and wellbeing.

Biosecurity Line (PT version)


Stalosan® F


The powder that sanitizes the whole facility.

Stalosan F is a 100% minerals composed.

  • Controls humidity and mitigates bad odors;
  • Regulates ammonia concentration;
  • Decreases the harmful gases.


Stalosan F is a mineral based powder, which acts in the control of humidity, indicated for the hygiene of animals husbandry facilities, which actuates controlling humidity. The product improves the environmental condition, absorbs moisture, improves housing quality, reduces ammonia, hydrogen sulfate and other gases. Its application can be done in the presence of animals. It’s even recommended for young animals in intensive productions.

Myanmar | Thailand | Laos | Vietnam | Cambodia | Malaysia | Indonesia | Philippines
Peru | Argentina | Uruguay | Paraguay | Bolivia | Brazil

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Broad-spectrum granulated disinfectant with biocide action to be dilluted at the use.

  • Unique formulation on the market.
  • Easy storage.
  • High penetrating power by reducing the water surface tension.


Chloride alkyldi methylbenzylammonium 40% chelated with urea 60%.

Timsen is a complete biocide, highly effective for environment and equipment disinfection even in the presence of organic material. Effective for poultry, swine, goat and aquaculture.


Germon® Plus


Disinfectant action: bactericidal, fungicidal and vericide.

  • Effective even in the presence of organic matter.
  • Pharmaceutical grade product.
  • Concentration and purity.


Glutaraldehyde 42.5% and Benzalkonium Chloride 7.5%.

Indicated for cleaning and disinfection of facilities and equipment in poultry, swine and other animal farming. Safe and effective against bacteria, virus and fungi.

Brazil | Bolivia | Paraguay

Germon® 50/80


Technical disinfectant, synergistic combination of two bi-quaternary ammonium.

  • Two concentration options: 50% and 80%.


N-alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and N-alkyl dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride: 50% and 80%.

Disinfection of facilities and equipment used for poultry and swine, in milking parlor and dairy facilities. Antisepsis of udders before and after milking. Immersion of equipment used in the dairy industry, components for milking machines, equipment for slaughterhouses. Disinfection of hatcheries, hatching chambers and equipment.

Germon 50: Brazil | Paraguay
Germon 80: Brazil | Bolivia | Ecuador | Honduras | Panama | Peru | Dominican Republic



Iodine-based disinfectant.


Iodine 2.3%.

Cleaning and disinfection of poultry and swine facilities. Disinfection and cleaning of udders and hands of the milker.

Brazil | Bolivia | Ecuador | Honduras | Panama | Paraguay | Peru

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Stalosan F

Stalosan F is a dry disinfectant in powder form. Stalosan F can be used in animal housings wherever prevention or control of bacteria, fungi, moisture, viruses, ammonia etc. are required.

Stalosan F for ruminants

Stalosan F for ruminants

Stalosan F plays an important role in a ruminant farm’s biosecurity program, providing protection to the animals during the whole production cycle,

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Stalosan F for poultry

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Stalosan® F for pigs

Stalosan F for pigs

Stalosan F plays an important role in a pig farm’s biosecurity program, providing protection to the animals during the whole production cycle, increasing overall health and profitability of the herd.

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