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Anthelmintic with vermicide, larvicidal and ovicidal action for poultry

Fenbendazole 12%

Anthelmintic of broad spectrum for broilers, breeders, pullets, turkeys, pheasants and partridges. Effective in the treatment and control of mature and immature stages of helminths.

Brazil | Peru


Anthelmintic with vermicide, larvicidal and ovicidal action for swine – Parasiticide

Fenbendazole 4%

For the treatment of parasitic, gastrointestinal and lung diseases in swine.

Brazil | Paraguay

Teniave 10%

Taenicide agent of broad spectrum of action for poultry

Praziquantel 10%

Indicated for the treatment and control of intestinal parasites in poultry caused by cestodes.

Brazil | Bolivia | Ecuador | Peru | Dominican Republic

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Stalosan F

Stalosan F is a dry disinfectant in powder form. Stalosan F can be used in animal housings wherever prevention or control of bacteria, fungi, moisture, viruses, ammonia etc. are required.

Stalosan F for ruminants

Stalosan F for ruminants

Stalosan F plays an important role in a ruminant farm’s biosecurity program, providing protection to the animals during the whole production cycle,

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Stalosan F for poultry

Stalosan F for poultry

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